Overview to AI Powered Amazon Review Checker and Why is it needed?

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Lysa Mattson
January 28, 2021
AI Powered Amazon Review Checker

Customer reviews are the most important thing in any business. These are paramount for brands and online sellers. Similarly, for an online retailer such as Amazon, customer reviews have too much importance for deciding on purchasing or not purchasing choices. That is why sellers always provide social verifications for each product because customers proceed with shopping if product reviews are good.

That means brands must track and analyze their product reviews in order to achieve high customer attention and sales.

But, there is a huge discussion about Amazon-fake reviews. Amazon takes this very seriously by cracking down on attempts by resellers to solicit for fake or incentivized reviews. US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been charging cases under ROSCA act. However, it is a game of Whac-A-Mole. Resellers come up with creative ways to work around the scrutiny. As a brand you have to be aware of other brands in the category who are trying to game the system. That is why we have built Amazon review checker with advanced AI features as part of our platform, to distinguish between questionable and authentic reviews. Amazon review checker includes the features of artificial intelligence that help you to get the right analysis of the product reviews and flag questionable reviews.

Give it a spin..

In this discussion, we will examine the importance of the AI-enabled Amazon review checker and how it can help to analyze the product reviews.

Why Are Product Reviews Important for You and Your Business?

·     Market Intelligence:

 Amazon demands complete research and analysis before selling anything on it. Before selling your products, you need to analyze the product reviews of existing products in the category. It will help you to understand customer needs, market landscape, strengths/weaknesses of other brands and identify opportunities and white space. An Amazon review checker with AI features can analyze customer needs and pain points. Also, it helps you in launching your product successfully.

·     Customers Purchase by Reading Reviews - yours and your competitors'

We all want to spend our money on a thing which is worth it. That is why we all love to read reviews before purchasing anything online. That means product reviews are the most needed thing in the e-commerce website. 

·     Good product reviews increase brand visibility and ranking

Yes, this is true!

The product reviews can help you in deriving more customers and brand visibility. But, for that, your product should match the expectations of your customer. Only authentic and organic customer reviews will help you in getting more profit out of your business. Good Amazon product reviews raise your organic traffic and work as a marketing tool for your product.

Why we need an Amazon Review Checker?

Sellers need to concentrate on customer satisfaction as it is the most required thing that accelerates the business. 

Positive and negative reviews both impact equally on your product sales. A positive review of your product will lead your business. Although a negative review can effect your sales, a questionable or incentivized review can significantly damage a brand's reputation. Hence, it is necessary to analyze and track product reviews in the category.

With advanced AI features, Amazon review checker can help you efficiently tracking all product reviews. Also, with an artificial intelligence features, you can understand your customer needs and improve your product quality accordingly.

Overall, it can help you to turn a negative review into a positive one. Not by just soliciting to get positive reviews, but to fundamentally understanding the improvement opportunities in your product offering.


So far, we have discussed the importance of the Amazon review checker.

Mainly, an Amazon review checker is using artificial intelligence to understand and track customer reviews. So, the results given by the checker are always accurate. And are the best to improve your business growth.

If you are a brand or a seller, and want to track customer reviews and behavior on your as well as competitors' products, contact us for using AI powered Amazon review checker for your business.

The artificial intelligence-enabled platforms can help you in growing your business. And you will start earning more by truly understanding the customer needs.

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