_ voice survey

Voice-based surveys that use speech recognition

We did a survey about surveys, and found that 95% participants preferred our new voice survey over a traditional survey form

Commerce.AI’s customer feedback tool is a voice-based survey application that uses complex speech recognition and natural language understanding to derive structured customer data and insights.

Data is captured in Commerce.AI platform and combined with existing data sources to provide a deeper understanding of your products, services and market at large.

Unleash the power of voice AI. Test out new product/service concepts.

Engage your customers with ease

Create and deploy customer surveys and questionnaires quickly using our easy to use templates.

Build in a new and engaging way of reaching your customers.

Improve your offerings

Use voice survey for market research and analysis to derive insights into your existing products, and to help formulate new ones.

Improve customer loyalty

Obtain feedback directly from consumers, wherever they are.

Increase response rates and engagement.