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Case study

Understanding Patient Needs Using Commerce.AI.

A leading healthcare insurance leverages Commerce.AI platform to understand patient experience using auto-MATE™ for contact center and Commerce.AI Voice Survey™

Case study

Detecting Abnormal Customer Sentiments

Product Management team at a leading wireless networking firm stays on top of product ratings for its new product launch using Commerce.AI platform.

Case study

Finding New Market Opportunities

Learn how a leading consumer electronics firm is leveraging the Commerce.AI platform to grow its existing product offering in select markets and find new customer segments.

Case study

Comparing Products Across Brands

Manufacturer of a leading shoe care brand leverages Commerce.AI platform to compare against up and coming brands on specific product attributes.

Case study

Track Competition And Changing Trends.

A leading shoe brand is offering varied and positive experiences and staying on top of mind in every step of the customer journey.

Case study

auto-MATE™ in pharmaceutical industry

Learn how a pharmaceutical company is using auto-MATE™. How Commerce.AI is deploying Generative AI technology within strict compliance and regulation framework

Case study

Assortment Strategies

Merchant teams at a leading online retailer uses Commerce.AI platform to identify the missing products and improve product descriptions in its catalog.

Case study

Analyze Brand Evolution

A leading luxury goods brand leverages the Commerce.AI platform to track subtle evolution of its core image in the minds of its customers.

Case study

Identify New Use Cases For Your Product

A leading brand in shoe care is leveraging the Commerce.AI platform to understand new uses for its products that could be marketed more effectively thereby exposing a whole new addressable market.

Case study

Analyze Store Performance

Learn how this leading pizza chain is creatively using customer support logs to identify new ideas to improve in-store and delivery services.

Case study

Learn how AI can help you understand consumers at scale

Your business will make more money if your customers are happier. But how do you keep your customers happy? How do you even know what your customers like or dislike about your product? This paper will reveal reasons behind customer satisfaction, help improve your product or service, and let you stay on top of emerging trends.


AI-Powered Commerce (Book)

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White paper

Real-Time AI Playbook

The ultimate guide to activating real-time AI for CX data. How enterprises are adapting new technology offered by Commerce.AI for real-time data analytics and actions


Generative AI For Regulated Industry

The ultimate guide to activating unstructured data in regulated industry using latest Generative AI technologies