_ Competitive strategy

Keep your eyes and ears open

Track your competition closely. Identify similar products and services, get notified when they launch. Learn from those around you.

Commerce.AI brings the competitive landscape into full view to help you plan specific strategies to overcome the competition.

By aggregating and synthesizing over a trillion data points across products, categories, and brands, Commerce.AI gives you a holistic understanding of your market, including direct and indirect competitive brands and offerings, and product comparisons. Surface emerging competitors and features to inform your analysis and decision-making.

Compare brands in your category

Follow, assess, and report on established brands and brand entrants. Compare brands and make sense of the topics your customers are talking about, to help brand teams understand their positioning in the market and inform brand strategies.

Compare products

See how products in your category compare across sentiment, attributes, and review volume. Understand product context - the how, when and why - at scale.

Get notified of new brands

Get real-time access to changes in your competitive landscape. See when and why new brands become top of customer minds. Surface competitive products and features to inform your analysis and decision-making.

Monitor Trends

Understand the bigger picture with a view into emerging and waning trends. Gather insights around product-level and category-level changes.

"A multi-national corporation leverages Commerce.AI’s data engine to build their own understanding of their customers and company within the larger commerce context. They employ our aggregation, extraction, sampling and verification methodologies to get to a single source of truth for teams across their organization."
Andy Pandharikar

Global compliance manager, Intuit

"A major food & beverage company deployed Commerce.AI to identify and understand the beverage categories that will best fit their new product. With access to over ½ million product and data points, Commerce.AI helped develop a new product strategy backed by a predictive data model."
Melanie Gallager

Global compliance manager, Intuit

"A leading global automotive company taps Commerce.AI to obtain consumer insights of their global consumer base. Commerce.AI aggregates customer data across two populations in multiple languages to bring a single source of truth, as well as identify and compare population specific insights that can set them apart from their regional competitors."
Melanie Gallager

Global compliance manager, Intuit