Features that employ the best and latest in AI

Easy-to-use features for anyone in the organization to drive impactful actions

Sources & Integrations

Our systems connect to a variety of high quality unstructured data streams across hundreds of sources.

Text, Voice, Images, Video

90% of today’s data is unstructured. Process all data types and unleash intelligence to drive actions


Out-of-box insights and smart actions with speed and accuracy.


Commerce.AI automatically discovers new signals and trends across all categories, sources, brands, products, services, or stores.


Build multi-level user profiles based on known and unknown user attributes and language patterns. Enhance your marketing content with our insights.


Data is tested, benchmarked and verified for high accuracy. Our AI has passed through a high level of anti-bias scrutiny. Explainability in AI is our commitment towards your success.


Setup reports for any role in the organization based on preset parameters and cadence, or set up customized reports based on your needs.


Forecast demand and other business metrics. Anticipate what’s coming using our highly accurate AI-powered predictions.


Automated insights in any language and across geographies. Detect and understand multilingual data in its original form. Use localization features to view it in any language.


Track live data and get notified of changes with any brand, product, store, service and trends.


Highly customizable platform based on the role and preferences of the user. Retrain AI to match your company objectives.

Smart Actions

Our platform delivers actions where you need it - Dashboard, APIs and variety of outbound integrations  


Analyze deeper sentiments. Our pre-trained ML models perform better than off-the-shelf ML providers.


Analyze over 40 different intents such as praise, wishlists and even industry specific intents such as warranty claims and recalls.