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Power of 56,000 industry experts delivered by APIs

Combine Commerce.AI pre-trained models with your internal data and take it to next level

Power of 56,000 industry experts delivered by our APIs.

Correlate our unstructured intelligence with your internal datasets,

Clean and pre-trained data+models. Save your data science team’s time. Combine unstructured and structured data.

Build your own reports and applications with Commerce.AI API

Learn about the voice of your customer via our deep product API and get complete flexibility to build reports that suit your needs.

Push Smarter Reviews & Conversations

Use Commerce.AI data to power your content to build and grow your brand as a trusted resource.

We help sites and community owners leverage their expertise to power articles, reviews, chatbots and more.


Push customer feedback into CRMs, commerce platforms, and other tools to give your teams a full view of your products and services, and to power your digital customer experience.

Commerce AI integrates with Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and other commerce-centric platforms.