Automate your market intelligence

Proliferation of channels and sources of information can make it difficult to filter signal from noise and separate hype from fact.

Commerce.AI helps keep you focus by collecting relevant information from across the web, and automatically distills and transforms this information into real insights and action.

Uncover facets, use cases, and topics to determine changing customer behavior, trending products, emerging brands, and new product opportunities.

Track megatrends and markets. Identify buzzing categories and startups. Win against competition.

Trends Analysis and White Space Discovery

Identify new product and market opportunities.

Compare trends within categories, and uncover insights around product success and failure.

Pinpoint product, category and feature trends and alternatives that need to be focused on in the coming years.

Connect markets shifts to brands/products/services

Gauge positive and negative changes in your product and product category, and respond with speed and efficiency.

Recognize, manage, and resolve product risk areas & escalations and develop solutions proactively.

Understand market DNA

Gain a deeper and broader grasp of your products and company DNA through the voice, heart and mind of your customers.

Surface key product features, wish lists, use contexts, recommendations and more.