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AI Generated Summary

We are a sentiment analysis company that offers data and insights on products, brands, and markets. We use our technology to monitor millions of social, online and traditional media sources for insights into brand reputation, market opportunity, competitor activity and more. For the Poison Ivy Relief category there are at least 470,040 datapoints with a significant opportunity level of 51. The Poison Ivy Relief industry has reported increased revenue when 192 products are actively being monitored.

Fast Growing Brands

Tec Labs, Caladryl, Honeywell, Tecnu, "Hylands", "MARIES ORIGINAL", Domeboro


Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy and Oak Scrub, Removes Poisonous Plant Oils That Cause Rash and Itching, 4 Ounces (4.7 stars, $0, 5,876 ratings)

Top Rated Products

Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy and Oak Scrub, Removes Poisonous Plant Oils That Cause Rash and Itching, 4 Ounces(4.7 stars, $0, 5,876 ratings)

Tecnu Calagel Anti-Itch Gel, Maximum Strength Itch Relief for Rashes, Bug Bites, Stings and Minor Burn Relief, 6 oz(4.5 stars, $0, 3,066 ratings)

Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti-Itch Spray, Soothes Itching and Prevents Scarring, 6.0 Fl Oz(4.5 stars, $0, 3,021 ratings)

Caladryl Pink Calamine Skin Protectant Plus Itch Relief, 6 Ounce Bottle(4.6 stars, $0, 2,852 ratings)

Tec Labs Tecnu Original Poison Oak & Ivy Outdoor Skin Cleanser - First Step in Poison Ivy Treatment, 12 fl oz (pack of 1)(4.8 stars, $0, 2,742 ratings)


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