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AI Generated Summary

We collect and analyze consumer feedback and sentiment scores about products and brands using e-commerce reviews. Insights are derived from these global data and can be visualized via our dashboard. Our analysis, based on 24,743,300 datapoints, shows that there is a great chance for success by introducing a new brand or product in the House Plants category. The demand for products in the House Plants category is growing and along with it companies have reported increased revenue.

Fast Growing Brands

Costa Farms, Plants for Pets, American Plant Exchange, 9GreenBox, "Brussels Bonsai", Just Add Ice, Altman Plants, The Air Plant Shop, Shop Succulents, The Next Gardener, PERFECT PLANTS, "Hirts Gardens", Leaf & Linen, Peach & Pebble, StarPack Home, "Dvine Dev", XXXFLOWER, ELEMENT, Betterdecor, Bloomify


Costa Farms Money Tree Pachira, Medium Ships in Premium Ceramic Planter, 16-Inches Tall, Gift (4.6 stars, $31.99, 3,969 ratings)

Top Rated Products

Succulent Plants (5 Pack) Assorted Potted Succulents Plants Live House Plants in Cacti and Succulent Soil Mix, Planter Pots Decor, Cactus Plants Live Indoor Plants Live Houseplants by Plants for Pets(4.1 stars, $16.77, 16,265 ratings)

Costa Farms Clean Air 3-Pack O2 For You Live House Plant Collection, White Decor Planter, Green, Yellow(4.4 stars, $28.99, 9,229 ratings)

Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor House Plant, Gift, 10-Inch Tall, Green(4.2 stars, $20.99, 7,768 ratings)

Brussel's Live Hawaiian Umbrella Indoor Bonsai Tree - 3 Years Old; 5" to 8" Tall with Decorative Container(4.0 stars, $26.03, 6,913 ratings)

Costa Farms Cat Palm Chamaedorea cataractarum, 3-Feet Tall, 3-Foot, Live Indoor Plant(4.1 stars, $69.88, 5,664 ratings)


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