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Our data has a direct impact on the success or failure of your brand. We make it easy for you to turn unstructured data into actionable insights. In the current category Converter Kits has an opportunity level of 49 with 2,928 products and 592,870 datapoints. The demand for products in the Converter Kits category has increased steadily over the past few years and is projected to continue growing.

Fast Growing Brands

DNA MOTORING, "Walkers", MAYASAF, MOTOOS, AUTOSAVER88, WATERWICH, Catco, Pacesetter, Auto Dynasty, MagnaFlow Exhaust Products, Sawyer Auto, DURA LUBE, Speedmotor, A ABIGAIL


DURA LUBE Severe Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment Emissions Test Catalytic Cleaner 16 fl. oz, 1 Pack, HL-402409 (4.1 stars, $16.97, 696 ratings)

Top Rated Products

DURA LUBE Severe Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment Emissions Test Catalytic Cleaner 16 fl. oz, 1 Pack, HL-402409(4.1 stars, $16.97, 696 ratings)

Walker 15036 EPA Certified Standard Universal Catalytic Converter(4.4 stars, $77.78, 213 ratings)

DNA Motoring OEM-CONV-001 Factory Style Catalytic Converter Exhaust Y-Pipe Replacement(4.0 stars, $225.78, 199 ratings)

DNA Motoring OEM-CONV-029 Factory Style Catalytic Converter Flex Exhaust Pipe(3.5 stars, $142.19, 168 ratings)

MagnaFlow Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter HM Grade Federal/EPA Compliant 93419 - Stainless Steel 2.5in Main Piping, 41.75in Overall Length, Pre-and-Post Converter O2 Sensor - HM Replacement(4.5 stars, $0, 111 ratings)


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