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AI Generated Summary

Every day we scan millions of sources to identify the best opportunities in Birdcages. We use advanced technology to analyze and combine multiple datasets into an opportunity score for each region, market, category, product or service. Our unique big data analysis engine allows us to rapidly collect and process petabytes of data from thousands of global channels in real time. In the Birdcages category we track 432 products with 266,170 datapoints available. At a regional level, the most opportunities are concentrated in North America which have an opportunity level of 54 for this region.

Fast Growing Brands

YAHEETECH, Little Live Pets, Prevue Pet Products, SUPER DEAL, VIVOHOME, ZENY, Prevue Hendryx


YAHEETECH 52-inch Wrought Iron Standing Large Flight King Bird Cage for Cockatiels African Grey Quaker Amazon Sun Parakeets Green Cheek Conures Pigeons Small Parrot Bird Cage Birdcage with Stand (4.6 stars, $109.99, 2,215 ratings)

Top Rated Products

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage(4.6 stars, $0, 3,617 ratings)

Yaheetech 64-inch Open Top Standing Medium Small Parrot Parakeet Bird Cage with Rolling Stand for Lovebirds Finches Canaries Parakeets Cockatiels Budgie Parrotlet Conures Pet Flight Bird Cage Birdcage(4.6 stars, $63.99, 3,106 ratings)

YAHEETECH 41-inch Open Top Medium Parakeet Bird Cages for Parakeets Finches Canaries Lovebirds Small Quaker Parrots Cockatiels Budgie Green Cheek Conure Travel Pet Flight Bird Cage Birdcage(4.6 stars, $45.49, 2,877 ratings)

pranovo Bird Cage Seed Catcher Seeds Guard Parrot Nylon Mesh Net Cover Stretchy Shell Skirt Traps Cage Basket Soft Airy(4.4 stars, $11.33, 2,575 ratings)

SUPER DEAL PRO 61'' 2in1 Large Bird Cage with Rolling Stand Parrot Chinchilla Finch Cage Macaw Conure Cockatiel Cockatoo Pet House Wrought Iron Birdcage, Black(4.4 stars, $139.99, 2,385 ratings)


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