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Commerce.AI is a modern data company that helps organizations build industry specific intelligent data stacks. Powered by LLMs and thousands of contextualized machine learning models, our technology processes and extracts insights from unstructured data such as voice, chat, text and video.

Webex Features: 


Our AI-driven transcription service is designed to convert audio recordings of customer interactions into text with exceptional accuracy. This enables you to review and analyze conversations efficiently, ensuring that no valuable information is ever missed.


Protect sensitive customer information and maintain compliance with ease using our redaction feature. Our AI identifies and redacts personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data from transcripts, ensuring data privacy and regulatory compliance.


Stay informed in real-time with customizable alerts. Receive instant notifications for specific keywords, phrases, or customer behavior patterns, enabling you to address critical issues and opportunities as they arise.


Gain deeper customer insights by automatically generating post-call surveys. Collect feedback and gauge customer satisfaction seamlessly, helping you make data-driven decisions to improve your services.

Agent Assist:

Empower your call center agents with real-time AI-driven suggestions and insights during customer interactions. Improve agent performance and enhance the customer experience with instant guidance.


Efficiently review and analyze lengthy conversations with our summarization feature. Our AI condenses interactions into concise summaries, saving you time and enabling better decision-making.


Over 100+ languages supports.

Auto-QA (Quality Assurance):

Ensure consistent quality across customer interactions with our Auto-QA capabilities. Automatically assess agent performance, compliance adherence, and script adherence to maintain high standards.


Break down language barriers with our AI-powered translation feature. Communicate with customers in their preferred language, providing a more inclusive and accessible customer experience.

Real-time Analysis:

Make informed decisions on the fly with real-time analysis of customer interactions. Monitor ongoing calls, identify emerging issues, and respond promptly to customer needs.

Post-call Analysis:

Our platform doesn't stop once the call ends. Analyze recorded conversations after they occur to uncover insights, track trends, and continuously improve your call center operations.

Sentiment Analysis:

Get a pulse on customer sentiment with our sentiment analysis tool. Understand customer emotions and reactions, enabling you to proactively address concerns and provide exceptional service.

Topics Analysis:

Identify recurring topics and themes in customer conversations. This valuable data helps you prioritize areas for improvement, product development, and customer engagement strategies.

100% Interaction Coverage:

No interaction is left behind. We analyze 100% of your customer conversations, ensuring comprehensive insights and continuous improvement opportunities.

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