_ Ai for products

Your products are talking. Are you listening?

Research, develop, launch and track winning products.

Upgrade your product stack with AI. 
Truly connect your products to consumers.

Take data-driven decisions in every stage of the product.

Commerce.AI aggregates and synthesizes unstructured customer data across internal and external data sources, and builds product DNA to surface and map key features, sentiments, contexts, and more nuances over time.

Enterprises learn more about their products so they can focus and scale their development and marketing processes, while reducing risk and cost.

Identify the features users want. Uncover new product opportunities. Shorten product launch cycles. All in one platform

Product concept & development

Use Commerce.AI to support your product development workflow.

Identify new features, attributes and contexts to drive next generation products quickly.

Product launch

Successfully launch and track new products.

Predict demand from early signals.

Product management

Monitor your products in the market and across channels.

Gauge positive and negative changes in your product and product category.

Track features, use cases, and wish lists.

Brand management

Learn how your organization is performing in your category.

Through a blend of brand and product sentiment, consumer insights, and product tracking, brand managers can identify opportunities to create and maintain better brand experiences today.

Market research

Uncover key insights around customer behavior.

Identify new product and market opportunities.

Help build the right products.

Stay ahead of your competition.

Marketing and Merchandising

Choose the right products and optimize your product catalog.

Inform your ad copy, product description and product packaging.

Refine your positioning to build a brand customers love.

Customer support

Stay ahead of your customers and leverage insights around product issues, comparative advantage, and use cases to empower your interactions wherever you have them.

Go beyond voice of customer to capture their hearts and minds.