Why AI-Assisted Content is the Future of Product Marketing

Written by
Frederik Bussler
April 22, 2021

There are several million e-commerce stores in the world, selling millions of SKUs. For products to stand out, commerce sites need high-quality product pages with unique, keyword-rich, descriptive product content.

In particular, optimizing product content on top-converting pages can massively increase organic traffic. Besides the SEO benefits, good product content is critical for consumer purchase decisions, and even return decisions. When products don’t meet consumer expectations—which come in part from product copy—then product returns increase.

According to a Salsify report, 87% of shoppers rate product content highly important when deciding to buy, and 50% have returned an item they bought online because it didn’t match the product description. In short, product content can make or break product companies.

The Status Quo

The status quo in product marketing involves massive amounts of manual work, making the content creation process a constant game of catch-up in the face of new products, new consumers, and new competitors.

The problem is that this content creation is not scalable, and it’s difficult to predict what content will resonate with an audience.

What if you could create an intelligent content engine that could speed up the creation of personalized, data-driven, optimized content for your business?

This is the promise of AI-assisted content, which uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to create personalized, optimized content for your audience.

Facet Discovery

Product search comes with an interesting set of challenges, as the goal is to optimize for profit, while traditional search engines are strictly trying to sift out relevant documents. Product search also comes with different data types to search through.

Commerce.AI synthesizes various data sources to uncover new facets and attributes to improve product search and browse functionality, maximizing profit by connecting customers with the right products for their search.

Commerce.AI uses facets with search, so that product summary information is retrieved to refine a query. This achieves far more accurate product search results.

Facet discovery automatically selects the facets that appear most often in your documents.

Content Recommendations

We all know that content is vital for SEO, consumer purchase decisions, and ultimately your bottom line.

That said, deciding exactly what content to create is a lot more difficult.  Commerce.AI identifies gaps and recommends new product content to increase product catalog quality.

The process for intelligent content isn’t rocket science, though content recommendations can enable sky-high product catalog quality.

First, our AI engine analyzes your existing content, looking at the types of content that resonate with your audience, and the types that don’t.

Next, the AI engine builds a model that can predict what kinds of content your audience is likely to enjoy.

Intelligent content is a revolutionary new approach to marketing. It scales far better than traditional content creation, and it’s more cost-effective. Indeed, intelligent content can be scaled to handle any amount of content.

In fact, the more content the AI engine has to analyze, the better the content will be. This means intelligent content can be used for any business, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Traditional content creation can be incredibly expensive, especially for large companies. For example, going the traditional route for product copy requires a dedicated team of marketers and copywriters. These teams can be difficult to source and expensive to hire. 

This is not only an expensive model, but it’s also hard to scale, and it’s difficult to create new content quickly. With intelligent content, there’s no need for a dedicated team, and no need to hire expensive marketers and copywriters.

AI tools are now able to do the heavy lifting, allowing you to scale your content quickly and cost-effectively. In fact, the cost of intelligent content is a fraction of the cost of traditional content creation.

This is because the AI engine is able to “learn” content creation, making it more efficient over time, while the cost of AI tools is rapidly decreasing.

Digital Marketing

While the average company spends about 10% of their budget on marketing and advertising, that number is typically even higher for product companies, which are operating in highly competitive spaces.

For instance, Coca Cola—a Commerce.AI customer—averages about $4 billion a year on advertising, though this pays off, and Coca Cola has around 43% market share in the United States.

That said, marketing and advertising often does not pay off, instead resulting in negative ROI, as many studies indicate.

Using Commerce.AI, product companies can boost marketing ROI by uncovering new product attributes and features that inform SEO, ads, listings, and more.

Feature Prioritization

Not all product features are made equal.

If your product listings aren’t optimized to list features and properties according to what’s relevant to the customer, then you’re missing out on countless conversion opportunities.

With Commerce.AI, product teams can optimize product pages with features and properties that are most relevant to customers.

Traditionally, feature prioritization is a tough job, with countless prioritization frameworks to choose from. These frameworks, too, are tedious manual work, and are difficult to scale. With everything from the “Kano Model” to “Affinity Grouping” or “Story Mapping,” product teams are overwhelmed with choice as to how to prioritize features, and yet, there’s still no good option.

This is where AI comes in, which can automatically prioritize features based on the knowledge gained from a data engine with over a trillion products.


Creating consistent content isn’t easy, especially considering the hyper-competitive landscape we’re in.

To succeed, you need a data-driven approach, not one that’s run by instinct or gut feeling. After all, millions of pieces of content are generated daily, and you need next-generation techniques to stand out.

With Commerce.AI’s AI-assisted content, you can dramatically increase the scale of your content production, and make it more tailored to your target persona.

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