Turning an Ocean of Data into a Lake of Insight With AI-Generated Market Reports

Written by
Frederik Bussler
June 23, 2021

Market reports have always been a staple of market research and product innovation. But the information is typically expensive, inaccessible, and dry. With a new AI-generated market reports feature, Commerce.AI now delivers high-quality insights straight to the public.

Previously available exclusively to those with access to Commerce.AI’s data engine, market reports are now available to all.

Market reports analysis is based on consumer feedback and offers valuable insight into how people consume products and services. With the press of a button or a simple search, anyone can now access market reports across 10,000 categories.

Commerce.AI’s AI-generated reports are a concrete way to find your next product idea or seek a new customer base.

As Commerce.AI continues to grow, the quality of its insights will only improve and become more accurate as more product data related to new trends in the marketplace is analyzed.

Commerce AI's data engine has delivered over 140 million dollar in revenue through insights across market categories. The market reports are an incredible resource built around billions of unstructured product data points. They provide a glimpse into how people consume products and services with the potential to help you find your next big idea.

Why Market Research Matters

When it comes to innovation and product development, market research is invaluable. It provides insight into how people consume products and services, which can be used to inform the next idea that will take on the world. Without using consumer feedback as a starting point for conceptualizing original ideas, you’re limiting possible endeavors.

Commerce.AI’s market research reports include a summary for each category, the fastest growing brands, the besteller, top rated products, the number of products and reviews, and more. All this data is consolidated into a single value - the opportunity meter - showing the size of the market opportunity at hand.

Why Traditional Market Research Falls Short

Traditional market research is expensive, inaccessible, and confusing. 

Commerce AI’s new AI-generated market reports feature solves these problems as well as the issue of a limited time frame in exploring market opportunities. 

Market reports are available without having to pay an exorbitant fee for access to data-driven consumer insights.

How Market Research Works With Commerce AI

Commerce AI's system relies on a variety of different types of product data points, including unstructured data, which makes up 95% of the web.

These sources include Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other commerce sources that are crucial for product teams.

All of this, compiled together and analyzed with AI, produces marketplace insights providing valuable knowledge into how people consume products and services.

Check out Commerce.AI Market Research Reports Now

With Commerce.AI's new marketplace insights, you can be confident in the next product idea you're considering as well as your current markets. With data from 10,000 market categories scanned and reports available to all, there has never been this scale of access to high-quality insights.

Skip the expensive market research firms that don't have a clue about how people are spending money these days, and take advantage of the power of billions of data points analyzed for you with AI-generated market reports.

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