Harnessing the Power of auto-MATE™ in Healthcare

Written by
Andy Pandharikar
June 15, 2023

The healthcare sector has always been a pioneer in adopting innovative technologies to improve patient care and operational efficiency. One such advancement is the adoption of generative AI tools like auto-MATE™. Developed by Commerce.AI, a leader in the generative AI community, auto-MATE™ is designed to significantly boost productivity across organizations.

What is auto-MATE™?

auto-MATE™ is a generative AI tool that provides a secure, compliant AI solution for various industries, including healthcare. It ingests unstructured data such as contact center calls, Zoom/Teams meetings or telemedicine recordings to extract structured insights and automates workflows based on those. It offers a library of tasks curated specifically for individual use cases, helping to streamline operations and improve outcomes. auto-MATE™ uses the secure and compliant version of Azure OpenAI model customized by Commerce.AI for industry specific data.

Applications of auto-MATE™ in Healthcare

Let's explore some of the many applications of auto-MATE™ in the healthcare sector:

Appointment Scheduling

In healthcare facilities, scheduling appointments can be a complex task due to the sheer number of patients and the need for precise time management. auto-MATE™ can automate this process, ensuring appointments are scheduled efficiently and accurately, reducing administrative burden and potential errors.

Desease Surveillance

By scanning through a vast amount of data, auto-MATE™ can detect early signs of disease outbreaks, facilitating prompt response and containment.

Medical Symptoms Analysis

Understanding and recording patients' symptoms are critical steps in healthcare. auto-MATE™ can assist healthcare professionals by analyzing patients' descriptions of their symptoms, helping to create more accurate patient records and aiding in the diagnostic process.

Prescription Refills

Managing prescription refills can be a time-consuming task for both healthcare professionals and patients. auto-MATE™ can streamline this process, ensuring patients receive their medication refills promptly and reducing the chances of medication errors or missed doses.

Insurance Billing

Billing and insurance claims can often be a source of confusion and frustration for patients and healthcare providers alike. auto-MATE™ can help streamline insurance billing processes, ensuring accurate, timely billing and claims processing.


Managing referrals is a critical aspect of healthcare, especially in systems where specialist services are in high demand. auto-MATE™ can automate the referral process, ensuring patients are directed to the appropriate services in a timely manner.

Patient Complaints

Responding to and resolving patient complaints are essential for maintaining high-quality patient care and satisfaction. auto-MATE™ can help analyze and categorize patient complaints, assisting in timely and effective resolution.

Medical Records

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date medical records is crucial in healthcare. With auto-MATE™, healthcare facilities can automate the updating and maintenance of medical records, improving record accuracy and accessibility.

Remote Consultations

As telemedicine becomes increasingly prevalent, managing remote consultations effectively is more important than ever. auto-MATE™ can assist in organizing and facilitating remote consultations, ensuring they are as effective and efficient as possible.

Patient Education

Educating patients about their health conditions and treatment options is an essential part of healthcare. auto-MATE™ can assist in creating personalized educational materials for patients, promoting better understanding and engagement with their health care.

Health Promotion

Promoting health and wellness is a key aspect of healthcare. auto-MATE™ can help in creating effective health promotion strategies and materials, contributing to improved public health outcomes.

Here is the list of few example tasks currently built. We are constantly adding new tasks in the library.

auto-MATE™ Healthcare Tasks

While the potential of Generative AI in healthcare is immense, it's important to remember that it doesn't replace the need for human healthcare professionals. Instead, Generative AI is a tool that augments the work of these professionals and enhances efficiency and patient care. However, as with any AI system, thorough testing and monitoring are essential, and final medical decisions should always be made by a qualified healthcare professional.

That leads to the big elephant in the room: Compliance and Safety. So let's talk about it.

Data, privacy, and security

auto-MATE™ Azure OpenAI Diagram

Since auto-MATE™ uses Azure OpenAI as the primary LLM, it is important to examine security compliance achieved by Azure OpenAI. As of May, 2023, Azure OpenAI has achieved HIPAA compliance and following other compliance standards.

Reference: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/microsoft-azure-compliance-offerings/

When considering any tool for use in a context that requires HIPAA compliance, it is essential to verify that the tool has been designed with HIPAA requirements in mind and has undergone sufficient testing and certification to ensure compliance. It would also be advisable to consult with a legal expert or a professional experienced in HIPAA compliance.

When it comes to Generative AI specific considerations, following are some important aspects about auto-MATE™ and underlying Azure OpenAI infrastructure.

The models are stateless: no prompts or generations are stored in the model. Additionally, prompts and generations are not used to train, retrain, or improve the base models.

More details about Azure OpenAI Safety and Compliance can be found here.


The introduction of auto-MATE™ in the healthcare sector signifies a transformative era in the industry. As a generative AI tool, auto-MATE™ offers a wide array of applications that can streamline operations, enhance patient care, and improve overall healthcare outcomes.

The tool's capability to automate various tasks such as appointment scheduling, medical symptoms analysis, and prescription refills can greatly reduce administrative burdens and potential errors. This efficiency allows healthcare professionals to focus more on their primary role - providing quality care to patients.

Moreover, auto-MATE™'s role in more complex processes such as insurance billing, referrals, and patient complaints management can lead to more accurate, timely, and efficient services. These capabilities can significantly enhance patient satisfaction, a key metric in the success of any healthcare organization.

The use of auto-MATE™ also extends to vital healthcare services such as maintaining medical records, facilitating remote consultations, patient education, and health promotion. By automating these services, auto-MATE™ can contribute to improved patient engagement, better healthcare accessibility, and ultimately, enhanced public health outcomes.

However, the application of generative AI tools like auto-MATE™ in healthcare is not without challenges. Issues surrounding data security, patient privacy, and the need for regulatory compliance must be carefully addressed. Thankfully, auto-MATE™ is designed as a secure, compliant AI solution, which makes it an ideal tool in the sensitive environment of healthcare.

In summary, the adoption of auto-MATE™ in healthcare represents a significant step forward in healthcare technology. As we continue to unlock the potential of AI in healthcare, tools like auto-MATE™ are poised to play a pivotal role in this transformation, offering promising opportunities to reshape healthcare delivery and patient care for the better.

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