Don't Be Data Rich and Insights Poor—Gaining Real Value With AI

Written by
Andy Pandharikar
February 21, 2018

In our first blog post we talked about how users are using social media to talk about their experience. In this post we will talk about how Business Leaders can leverage the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to make data-driven decisions.

Unprecedented Volume of Data

Data is scattered all around the Internet and the volume of data is ever increasing. Making sense of unstructured data is hard.  Big companies have the resources to do this. Amazon gathers a ton of data on every one of their customers while they use the site. This mountain of data is used to build a comprehensive view of you as an individual customer.  Volvo, the Swedish car maker is also using data to uphold its impressive safety reputation. In one pilot project, over 1000 cars have been fitted with sensors to detect road conditions. Data is uploaded to the cloud and also shared with the Swedish highway authorities. Machine learning and large data sets have enabled Citibank, Visa and American Express to check hundreds of aspects of a transaction in order to detect more fraudulent transactions and save millions.

How can smaller sized companies benefit from these technological advances without investing a whole lot of money into building the infrastructure and systems for it. You don’t have to do it alone. Partner with a technology company that is on the cutting edge of AI/Deep Learning.

Deep Product Learning

Commerce AI has a deep learning platform that mines the data and provides product-level insights for the product, marketing or customer support teams to know more about their product and track emerging trends and competition. For instance, a large consumer electronics company uses our platform to glean their product performance on a weekly basis and present key highlights in their operational meetings.

“Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today I have a hard time thinking of an industry that AI will not transform in the next several years.” - Andrew Ng.

If you want to learn more register for our webinar on Mar 12th.

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