Commerce.AI’s Data Engine vs. Medallia’s Social Listening—A Simple Guide

Written by
Frederik Bussler
June 11, 2021

Commerce.AI and Medallia are both players in the product data space, but there are some key differences between the two.

Commerce.AI is focused on helping product teams innovate and initiate data-driven digital transformation, and has a range of features that help in this area, centered around the world's largest product data engine. Medallia offers tools that help customers collect and analyze social listening signals. 

Let’s take a look at the features of each company and how they are used in different industries.

Feature Comparison

Commerce.AI offers a range of features that help commerce companies grow their business through access to massive amounts of high-quality product data.

These features include product and competitive strategy, market intelligence, customer experience, and AI-assisted content for product catalogs. In addition, technical teams can use Commerce.AI APIs and data applications to access product data and insights at scale. Underlying these features is a data engine that has scanned over a trillion product data points from commerce channels like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

In contrast, Medallia is focused on social data signals, which can include many datapoints from people who never bought a given product, creating more noise than signal.

Industry Comparison

There are also some differences in the industries these solutions are used in. 

Commerce.AI's data engine has analyzed over 600 million products and services across 56,000 categories, making it an incredibly versatile tool, with use-cases in any product segment imagineable.

On the other hand, social listening signals are likely to be relevant to a smaller segment of industries.

User Comparison

Commerce.AI is focused on supporting Project Managers and other product-oriented folk, as well as analysts and Consumer Insights teams. In comparison, Medallia is focused on CX Professionals or EX Professionals.

Ultimately Commerce.AI is designed for companies that want a holistic data-driven digital transformation while Medallia is for customers who want to collect social data signals.

Data Engine vs. Social Listening

Commerce.AI and Medallion represent two approaches to understanding what consumers are thinking about your company, product, and competitors (among other areas).

Both systems rely on data, providing insights that allow product teams to disrupt their markets or catch up with them. Data sources are one key difference between the two models - while Commerce.AI brings high-quality product data and insights to you, with Medallia, you have to go out and select social signals, which are often worse quality and less relevant to product teams than verified commerce data.

While they are similar in some ways, Commerce.AI has a high-quality set of artificial intelligence-based systems that analyze truly massive amounts of product data.

Another area of distinction is in scalability: Medallia runs primarily on social data signals. Commerce.AI has a powerful data engine that processes over a trillion data points from over a hundred sources, which is constantly being updated.

The difference between the two analysis models becomes very clear when enterprise commerce teams need large scale, verified data to make decisions.

The bottom line is clear: a model like Commerce.AI's can substantially improve product capabilities by enabling product teams with an understanding of what they would never know otherwise.

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