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Improve product performance & drive business results.

Commerce.AI empowers companies with enhanced product data and actionable insights to improve product performance and drive business results.
Collection + Context

Commerce.AI automatically scans the web – including customer reviews and feedback - to identify new and trending products and category attributes—across own and competing brands—that can be used to deliver a more relevant and satisfying customer shopping experience.

Analysis + Insight

Unit sales and revenues don’t tell the whole story. We hone in on product and market signals that bring a deeper understanding of product successes, failures, and marketplace competitiveness. By automating product-level data-gathering and analysis, companies can be more focused on strategic objectives, processes and outcomes.

Action + Results

With a process designed to identify new product facets, attributes, and content gaps, Commerce.AI can improve the relevancy, precision and overall quality of search algorithms and marketing efforts.

Learn + Improve

Our AI platform learns what’s important to you and your organization, and offers tools to monitor and uncover features, attributes, and markets that matter the most.