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AI-driven product intelligence.

User generated content is the key to driving sales and brand loyalty, but it is also important in helping brands and retailers make smarter decisions around other key business objectives. Insights into product performance inform marketing, merchandising, product development, and more.

Commerce.AI offers retailers and brands the tools to automate product-related workflows and decision making to increase customer satisfaction, decrease product returns, and improve product offerings.
Incorporate this data into your existing data sources to obtain a holistic view of product performance and apply learnings across categories.

Example usecases

Digital Marketing

Uncover new product facets, attributes and features to inform SEO and product ads.

Feature Prioritization

Identify features and properties to test through market research and consumer insights.

Concept Testing

Test new product features and opportunities to inform new market development and expand company offerings.

Product Satisfaction and Loyalty

Better understand product satisfaction and usage, and discover ways to improve the product experience.

Product Returns

Identify and address product issues before they escalate and become top-level organizational issues.