Product Catalog Optimization

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Optimizing product content at scale. Monitor and enhance product content. Align product information with shopper intent, language, and behavior.
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Optimize Catalog

Align your product catalog to capture the language used by your customers and include important attributes.

A significant portion of time, money and resources goes into product information management – from organizing products sold to determining how to make product catalogs relevant and searchable to provide better recommendations.   Commerce.AI supports retailers in product catalog management by optimizing product content at scale. Commerce.AI offers retailers and brands tools to automatically monitor, enhance, and recommend product content, aligning product information with shopper intent, language, and behavior.

Example Usecases

Facet Discovery

Commerce.AI scans the web to uncover new facets and attributes to improve search and browse functionality.

Content Recommendations

Commerce.AI identifies gaps and recommends new product content to increase product catalog quality.

Digital Marketing

Uncover new product facets, attributes and features to inform SEO, product ads, product listings, and more.

Feature Prioritization

Optimize product pages with features and properties that are most relevant to customers.

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