Plug and Play Selects Commerce AI As Hottest Startup

Plug and Play has selected Commerce AI as new hottest startup. Commerce AI uses third party data and AI to create revolutionary market intelligence for brands. These insights have proven to have driven millions of dollars in new sales for enterprises. Suzuki has just signed up customer to add to Unilever, Walmart, Rakuten, USPS, Chanel, Midea, Netgear, Cisco, Coca Cola and more.

Having raised another round of funding last month we are on our way growing rapidly. Working out of the Plug and Play offices and being part of the ecosystem has given us the opportunity to work closely with many enterprise partners to help them drive innovation and deliver business returns. Digital transformation through innovation is hard, we help enterprise brands to succeed with  AI and big data.” Said CEO and Founder Andy Pandharikar.

Commerce.AI is a platform that uses AI and automation to create market intelligence.  The insights we capture empower consumer product companies with detailed product-level insight and competitive intelligence, at scale, which can be used to make better informed marketing and product development decisions.  

All product companies know how critical it is to Identify market trends, and the most relevant product features consumers seek; both in their own product lines, and their competitors’.  Companies like Cisco, Unilever, and Coca-Cola have turned to Commerce.AI for help with this for a few reasons…

  • Often they are trying to manually sift through massive amounts of data and struggling to identify actionable insight
  • It is incredibly time consuming and sometimes impossible to uncover unmet market and product opportunities...
  • In some cases organizations lack the appropriate data, or the in-house resources to gather it and do the analysis
  • ...And even if they do have the in-house resources and expertise, they could be doing it better and much much more efficiently by leveraging AI and automation