Commerce.AI was founded with the mission to harness the power of artificial intelligence to change the way commerce is done. We are training our AI to learn about all the products and associated consumer feedback in the form of natural language. When the AI starts to understand which product features work well, it can empower the humans to do what we are best at... to build great products and sell with confidence!
Andy Pandharikar
Founder / CEO

Andy Pandharikar is the Co-founder/CEO of Commerce.AI. Before that, Andy founded Fitiquette based in San Francisco, which got acquired by Flipkart group, India’s largest online retailer as part of $340M deal with Myntra. Fitiquette was selected as the top commerce-tech startup at Techcrunch Disrupt SF 2012. Andy held various product and engineering positions at Cisco. He is also a member of SF Angels Group and has invested in a number of startups as an angel investor. He attended M.S. in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University and an Executive Degree at Harvard Business School. Andy is an outdoor enthusiast, an ultramarathoner, and a certified lead rock climber.

Nate Orlin
Co-founder / Engineering

Nate is the Co-founder of Commerce.AI. He is responsible for core technology, product and all things engineering for the company. Before that he spent four years at IBM, building enterprise-grade, large scale, software; empowering services related to IBM Watson. He has a deep passion for technology, systems, and architecture. Before that he spent time at Cisco, where he worked together with Andy. Nate holds BS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Lu Feng
Co-Founder / Data Science

Before joining Commerce.AI founding team, Lu has been a researcher at MIT. She finished her Ph.D. from MIT  in Physics. Growing up in a family of mathematicians, Lu has always been fascinated by large scale unstructured data. She is also a prolific writer, writing fiction since she was 12. These passions attracted her to Commerce.AI's goal of building a massive AI platform that understands all the world's products.  Lu is also National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and a  Penn State Schreyer Honors Scholar.

Gonçalo Gil
Co-founder/Data Science

Gonçalo is building AI/Deep Learning for Commerce.AI. Before finishing his Ph.D from Stanford in Physical Oceanography, Gonçalo has been a successful tech entrepreneur. He brings in vast expertise in academic and professional disciplines. He has worked at the European Space Agency (ESA), studied fluid dynamics and professionally competed to build a predictive model for the stock market. His keen interest in photography, combined with a quest to build an AI that truly understands images, has resulted in several projects and publications in deep learning.

Natty Iyer
Co-founder / Bizdev

Natty Iyer joined Commerce.AI from eBay, where he was running product management. Natty brings over 20 years of experience in various roles ranging from engineering to marketing to business development. Before that, he worked at Cisco, where Andy and Natty worked together. Natty holds MBA from Santa Clara University and  BE (CS) from NIT. Natty has been a passionate champion of future of AI in retail and has written papers related to this topic during his business school.  He is an avid soccer fan and thinks AI is now ready to choose a perfect soccer team!

Mika Uehara

Mika leads marketing and branding activities for Commerce.AI. Before that, she was a senior director at Fiverun, an e-commerce technology startup. She has also been an advisor at Macy's fashion incubator. Mika has worked for a number e-commerce companies including VigLink and Commission Junction. Mika holds MSc from London School of Economics. Mika has also founded SF FASHTECH, a premier community platform dedicated to fashion, design, and technology.

Charles "CJ" Fallert
Software Engineer